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Our Fighter for Working Families

Chuck Moseley is a man of the people. First elected to Indiana’s House of Representatives in 2008, he represents the people of Indiana's 10th District in the House of Representatives, and he makes sure that their voices are heard. Chuck is a ranking member of the Roads and Transportation Committee, as well as the Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee and Veterans Affairs and Public Safety Committee.


State Rep. Chuck Moseley is universally recognized as one of the greatest legislative champions for working Hoosiers and veterans. He has championed measures to support injured workers, upgrade and protect benefits for retired public employees, help veterans find employment and increase the speed at which service members can access quality health care services.


Chuck is committed to helping others, which is why he also serves as an Army National Guard veteran. Chuck knows what it means to serve his country, and he will always fight for those who can't fight for themselves. Chuck has been married to Monica for over 49 years, and they have two kids together. They also have five grandchildren who they adore.

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